Boumatic and Boumatic robotics

BouMatic Detachers

BouMatic offers a variety of detachers to fit every dairy around, tie stall barns or parlors. All detachers are designed to last a long time and some have the ability to add on other functions like ID and sorting even if its not during the initial installation. 

BouMatic Robotics

BouMatic Robotics offers the only robot on the market that has the ability to milk from behind, like a parallel parlor, giving us a very distinct advantage. It's modular design allows for fast, cost effective installation without the need to construct a milk house around it, saving time and money.  

BouMatic CIP Chemicals

BouMatic offers chemicals to handle all water qualities to ensure a clean system and allow you to produce the highest quality milk possible. Keystone BouMatic makes sure that your system is set up correctly from the start and maintains the system as a curtesy while you use our products. 

BouMatic Animal Hygiene

There are a lot of options these days when it comes to liners and teat dip. Let us show you what we have to offer! Udder health and milk quality is something we take very seriously at Keystone BouMatic, let us help you meet and maintain your milk quality goals. 

BouMatic Activity

Activity is by far one of the best investments that a dairy can make and BouMatic has the best system on the market. As a dairyman you have to options of activity, eating, and if you like you can add on rumination and location. Complete the system with a sort gate to make handling your attention cows easier. 

BouMatic Cooling

BouMatic has all of your cooling needs covered. Milk tanks, compressors, plate coolers, chillers, and heat recovery units.

BouMatic tanks cool very fast thanks to the plate configuration. You will experience even compressor run times, faster cooling, and less energy used. One 200 cow dairy reported $300 dollars less per month on his electric bill!