Waste to Energy Anaerobic Digesters

Keystone BouMatic is proud to introduce an industry first! A small scale anaerobic digester that has the ability to be expanded to fit any size operation, starting at 80 - 100 cows. 

Digesters have been a beneficial addition to dairies for a long time. Generating your own electric, selling excess electric, odor control, and creating a better quality fertilizer are the benefits to dairies with anaerobic digesters. For the dairies that have the ability to import nutrients, tipping fees have added additional revenue as well as additional gas production. Keystone BouMatic has the ability to source food waste from producers and brokers and will work with individual dairies to provide  a continous supply of waste to their digester site. 

Our central focus has been on having a turnkey project that is economically feasible without special grants or programs. Keystone BouMatic will manage the entire project from start to finish ensuring the project will be installed correctly and on budget. Just like every other project that Keystone BouMatic sells, a contract price is agreed on upfront. This means no cost overruns, ever. 

Give us a call and lets see if a anaerobic digester is right for your operation.